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Any claim must be reported to in any event no more than thirty (30) working days after the discovery of the complaint, problem or defect. Any failure to notify of the claim within such time period shall result in such claim not being covered by the guarantee.

The claim must include the following information:

(a) the description of the complaint, problem or defect;
(b) a picture on which the complaint is clearly visible;
(c) a picture with an overview of the lot showing both the defect and the original DURA²label;
(d) a picture on which the DURA² label on which the year of production is clearly visible;
(e) a copy of this Customer guarantee registration form;
(f) and the proof of purchase (invoice);
(g) such other information as may reasonably to be required including but not limited to information relating to the Timber’s use and placement.

In addition, the consumer -when asked- shall send a sample of the timber exhibiting the defect or problem which is sufficient to perform testing on the Timber, and shall grant access to the location of the lot to which the complaint refers and authorize the taking of a sample of the wood concerned at the original place of installation for analysis of the complaint, in order to gather evidence and confirmation of the claim.

Guarantee conditions are available on request or in case of any concerns regarding this guarantee, please contact us at