Why are we convinced that the UK will quickly adopt DURA², like other European countries?
Well, DURA² stands for ‘Quality, More Than Quality’ at every level because of the following:


DURA² is synonymous for quality, trust and service, and that remains our priority.

That’s why we don’t speak about a desired service life, but about an average service lifetime. We are proud of our product and can assure you that DURA² posts will still stand after 20 years. That’s why we offer you a guarantee of 20 years and speak about a Class 4+. Guarantee subject to registration at time of installation.
20 years

DURA² is based on the already tried, tested and trusted Tanalith® E high-pressure wood preservative, but we go further. Through an enhanced patented treatment process, with multiple impregnations and multiple controlled dryings, we can offer maximum protection from wood decay and insect attack.


Thanks to our huge stock, we can treat, dry and supply on demand.


The finished product has no unpleasant odor like Creosote* treated posts have.

DURA² is not dangerous, there’s no risk of burning of the skin and eyes.

The installation itself, even in the heat is without risk for the installers.


A more ecological way to treat your posts with durability.

More sustainable forest management and reduced CO2 Emissions.

Even more, the storage of DURA² treated timber is without any environmental risk (as storage of creosoted timber posed problems and care had to be taken not to contaminate the soil in the storage areas).


To match the colour of Creosote treated posts, DURA² is supplied with a beautiful chestnut brown colour. For fences with creosote in need of repair, DURA² is ideal because the color is identical and the repairs are therefore not visible.


The choice of wood: we believe only slow-growing dry pine for ground contact is good enough. We can assure supply because we have started our own production site with a partner, following the export ban from Belarus.

DURA2 applications

DURA² fence posts are low maintenance. And don’t forget our elegant label that adds value to your fence!


Tanalith® E has BPR (Biocidal Products Regulation) authorisation, passing all necessary environmental, human and animal health risk assessments.


In the four years that our customers have installed DURA², we have received very good feedback about the aging process and the color remaining good over time.

Finally, we are so confident in quality, that each pallet of posts is supplied with a track-and-trace code, so it can be easily identified.


Where can I buy DURA²®?

We have an exclusive partnership with Ellpro and Parker McVeigh to distribute DURA²® fencing products in the UK. Contact them through their network of stores and offices here.